MoRich: LocoMotion

August 5th, 2012  |  Published in Ball Reviews

51.5 Hook 15 Length 15.5 Breakpoint Shape

Manufacturer’s Intent: “The LocoMotion is a cover-dominant symmetrical ball,” says Mo Pinel. “Cover-dominant balls read the back of the lane, while core-dominant balls read the midlane more. In the two previous Motions, Perpetual [February 2011] and Aggressive [November 2011], we used the densest version of the HUGE core (.054 total diff.) with two different strengths of coverstock. In the LocoMotion, we combined a less dense version of the HUGE core (.045 total diff.) with the strongest cover we’ve ever used in a symmetrical ball to create a later, harder breaking, symmetrical ball.”

Core Design: Mo Pinel decided on the HUGE symmetric core design for his symmetric lineup. The RG is medium-low at 2.50 and the differential moderate at .045. Testing produced nearly 5 inches of track flare with the strong 3-inch pin distance layout.

Coverstock: The level-4 pearlized Hi Trac reactive is MoRich’s strongest to date for its symmetric core product line. Coloring is a mix of black and silver pearl. The surface is factory-sanded with 1000 and 2000 grits prior to a high-gloss polish. The low Ra level cover responds quickly off friction and has limited oil traction.

Test Results: We had the luxury of comparing the new LocoMotion with MoRich’s other two symmetric offerings, the Aggressive Motion and Perpetual Motion. We used the same dual angle layout of 50x3x40 with a P3 weight hole (7/8 inch at 3-inch depth) on all three balls and sanded them with a pure 2000 grit. The LocoMotion played the strongest through oil and off dry areas, despite its lower flaring core and pearl cover. We credit the level 4 cover as solely responsible for the stronger read. The earlier balls had level 2 and level 3 cover strength ratings. With all three polished, the LocoMotion out-hooks them all.

When to Use: Our best looks were on any light-medium to medium oil volume patterns when length and a strong arc were warranted. On heavier oil volumes, sanding grits between 500 and 2000 got the job done quite nicely. All layouts produced a smooth to strong arc as the HUGE core shape was both release-friendly and arcing in nature. We feel the earlier two Motions, when polished, produced more of a skid/flip motion on lighter volumes. The LocoMotion was better on more oil. MoRich continues to produce quality products with proven coverstock formulas that reward bowlers with longevity and performance.

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