900 Global: Freight Train

August 5th, 2012  |  Published in Ball Reviews

57 Hook 13 Length 15 Breakpoint Shape

Manufacturer’s Intent: “The Freight Train features the Combustion core with an added energy block,” says Eric Thomas of 900 Global. “It generates a massive amount of hook but utilizes it throughout the entire lane. This ball will really feed off the heaviest of oil conditions.”

Core Design: The Combustion symmetrical core has been tweaked to offer some front-lane push with a strong flaring back-end breakpoint shape. This higher RG core has an RG of 2.54 with a .055 differential, compared to the 2.50 and .054 numbers found on the original Train (February 2012).

Coverstock: The S77 is 900 Global’s most aggressive solid reactive formula. The conservative slate grey and black color belie what this oil lover can and will do on the lanes. Oil traction is above average with the factory 1500-grit nEat system sanding. FYI: 900 Global numbers its coverstocks by the aggressiveness. The lighter oil covers will be under S45, while the heavier oil counterparts will have an S65 or higher badge.

Test Results: The Freight Train is, in short, a real freight train in oil. We saw a very secure mid- to late-midlane motion, followed by a smooth, strong-arcing breakpoint shape. Our closer 2-inch pin-to-PAP layout easily revved the quickest and provided a more controlled back-end shape. We loved it when playing nearer the gutter as the hook-stop motion held the pocket and carried very well. Our longer 5-inch pin-to-PAP hooked nearly the same amount but displayed more down-lane angularity, thus playing better from our inside lines of attack. This demonstrates the importance of discussing your layout with your favorite IBPSIA certified ball driller.

When to Use: The Freight Train, as with most super hookers, needs and craves oil. The aggressive nature will lessen any late-lane oil wiggle or touchiness. The added lane traction also will help those with lower rev rates and/or higher ball speed. The Freight Train is a workhorse ball with a proven core and cover from a proven ball company.

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