900 Global: Look

March 4th, 2012  |  Published in Ball Reviews

56 Hook 14.5 Length 15.5 Breakpoint Shape

Manufacturer’s Intent: “Global users everywhere have pushed us to bring back our S75 Soaker shell,” says Eric Thomas. “The Look utilizes the Nuts core. When combined with the S75 Soaker shell and finished with our NEAT pad, this product creates a big footprint in oil, and has great responsiveness off the dry. The core/cover combo [results in] one of the most versatile balls we have produced to date, providing a look on various Sport and house conditions.”

Core Design: The Nuts core used in the Look has an RG of 2.51, a differential of .050 and an intermediate diff of .017. This asymmetric design revs much easier and quicker than the 2.51 would indictate. This helps with control off the spot and predictability downlane.

Coverstock: The S75 Hybrid Soaker cover is the strongest used to date with the Nuts core. The factory surface is sanded with the NEAT system at 4000 grit. Colors are an eye-catching fusion of blue and orange. Response time off dry is quick and strong, while oil traction is slightly above average. The Ra level is medium.

Test Results: The new Soaker S75 hybrid cover is one of the strongest covers from 900 Global we’ve ever tested. The 4000 grit sanding keeps this beast somewhat tempered while also helping to create some mid-lane push. The strong asymmetric core also assisted the Look in earning its 56 hook rating. One of our favorite attributes of the ball is the easy length in the fronts and thunderous, angular move downlane. We saw some skid/flip motions with higher ratio layouts and polish added to the 4000-grit surface. Without polish, the Look had a more hard-arcing breakpoint shape.

When to Use: We used the Look on most THS patterns with medium or higher oil volumes. The aggressive nature of the core/cover presented us with the need to play well inside the oil line to maintain the pocket through transitions. When we tried to square up and play direct, the ball wanted to read the friction too quickly to see adequate push. The Look joins the Train (February 2012), Bank Roll (July 2011) and Eagle (May 2011) as premium heavier oil balls from 900 Global.

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