900 Global: Sure Thing

July 4th, 2012  |  Published in Ball Reviews

54 Hook 13.5 Length 15 Breakpoint Shape

Manufacturer’s Intent: “The Sure Thing features a brand new core shape named ‘Grenade’ and is wrapped with our S57 shell,” says Eric Thomas. “When matching this new core with our S57 shell, users will experience one of the most consistent, balanced rolls in the 900 Global line. Out of the box, it’s finished at 2000; add a little polish for more pop downlane. This ball will be the first out of the bag on most typical house patterns.”

Core Design: The new Grenade symmetric core has a low RG of 2.49, with a .043 differential. This design promotes fast, easy revs with a smooth finish downlane. Testing showed 4.5 inches of maximum track flare with strong layouts.

Coverstock: 900 Global’s S57 hybrid cover is near the middle range in regard to its overall strength and aggressiveness within the line. Colors are a mix of navy blue and oyster pearl. The factory finish is sanded with 2000 grit. The Ra value is rated at medium for above-average oil traction and a moderate response off friction.

Test Results: Hybrid cover formulas tend to be some of the more versatile. The Sure Thing’s core/cover combination creates an earlier rolling, strong mid-lane motion that’s best suited for medium and medium-heavy oil volumes. The breakpoint shape was arcing in nature on all of our test patterns, even with our pin-up drilling layout. The 3-inch lower pin gave us a very stable and secure mid-lane presence, which matched up great with monitor-displayed ball speeds of 16-mph and higher. Those with slower speed may need to raise the surface grit with this layout.

When to Use: We used the Sure Thing on all of the THS patterns with above-average success. We were able to play three to six boards inside the oil line and send the ball toward friction. The ball never displayed any over-reaction when leaving the pattern. We especially enjoyed the blending of the wet/dry tendencies that many house patterns present. On fresh medium and heavier Sport patterns, we were able to play more direct lines with our end-over-end releases. The only problems we encountered were when the mid-lane oil went bye-bye and we experienced a too-early read.

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