Fun Facts from the ‘BJI Ball Guide’

December 28th, 2012  |  Published in Clinic

The January issue of BJI will include, among many other special features, the 29th annual BJI Bowling Ball Guide.

It’s a lavishly illustrated and stat-packed section summarizing the 112 bowling balls that Joe Cerar Jr. reviewed in his “No Holes Barred” column during 2012.

Taking a close look at the ball list, we find that Storm Products led the way with 13 reviewed balls during the year, while Columbia 300 released the most in a single month, with five balls reviewed in the July issue.

The August issue was the “Big Kahuna” for the year with 19 reviews, while November saw just four new balls reviewed.

But in the January issue, you’ll find summaries of all of those reviews in a single place — making the BJI Ball Guide an extremely useful shopping tool the next time you visit your local pro shop.

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