‘Major’ Money for Mika

December 23rd, 2012  |  Published in Breaking News

Early in his PBA career, Finland native Mika Koivuniemi was tagged with the nickname “Major Mika” because his first two tour titles came in PBA majors — the 2000 USBC Masters and the 2001 U.S. Open.

A decade would pass until he’d earn his third major — in the 2011 Tournament of Champions — and that one was beyond “major.” It was epic. The title was worth a PBA record $250,000.

To say that Koivuniemi has a penchant for “winning the big ones” would be an understatement because, in addition to those titles, there have been a number of near-misses.

It’s safe to say that when there’s big money on the line, “Major Mika” will find a way to be in the hunt. That assertion was demonstrated by his back-to-back victories recently in Japan and Qatar — titles that brought him 6 million Yen and 30,000 Euro, respectively, or a total of approximately $112,000.

We’ll have a full report on Koivuniemi’s back-to-back international titles, including exclusive comments from “Major Mika,” in the February issue of Bowlers Journal International.

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