‘Top 100 Coaches’ List for 2012 Now Online

August 1st, 2012  |  Published in Clinic

The July issue of Bowlers Journal International featured the annual “Top 100 Coaches” listing, as determined by an independent panel of judges. You’ll find the new list here.

We’d like to thank the 157 coaches who submitted applications this year, a number that forced the judging panel to make some very tough decisions. The panel is asked to include a representative sampling of all coaching levels, from youth league instructors all the way through coaches with elite certifications.

If you follow the coaching scene closely, you may notice that a few well-known names are missing from the list. In each of the cases we’ve heard about, it was simply a matter of the coach in question failing to submit an application form. We ask coaches to submit an updated form each year, mainly as a way of verifying that they are still active. If an application form is not received, the panel has nothing to evaluate.

In order to get the word out, we post the application form on this website at least two months ahead of the submission deadline, and also ask USBC Coaching and IBPSIA to send reminders to their members. We’d like to thank both of those groups for their help in that regard.

If someone you feel is deserving is missing from the 2012 list, be sure to encourage them to submit a form next year. The 2013 applications will be available on this site beginning in March.

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