Storm Laurels to Palermaa

July 22nd, 2012  |  Published in Breaking News

“I think that the stepladder final came to a very satisfactory conclusion.” Wise words from one-year-old Ida Palermaa after

Barrett, Palermaa and Ruiz

watching her father Osku Palermaa beat England’s Dominic Barrett, 227-207, in the final stage of the stepladder final of the 34th Ciutat de Barcelona at the popular Bowling Pedralbes.

Both players were merrily striking through the one-game affair with just a couple of points separating them, first advantage Barrett, then Palermaa as the Englishman’s strikefest came to a shuddering halt as he left the 3-4-6-7-10 and took just four from that ugly group.

Now Finland’s ace took over and a double, a couple of nine-spares and a strike settled the issue. Palermaa at the top of the podium and another €12,000 in the kitty to aid Ida’s future.

Barrett had a five-split in the sixth frame of the first game, taking on Venezuela’s Ildemaro Ruiz, but followed that with a six-bagger to clinch the first match, 235-202. It was two splits that determined Ruiz’s fate so there were four overall in the two matches.

It was a unique occasion as all three finalists are Storm products staff members and all used the same brand of bowling balls. You can’t get much more even that that.

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