Barrett the Invincible

June 30th, 2012  |  Published in Breaking News

It is seldom that one sees young Dominic Barrett having to struggle to make the cut of an international bowling tournament, so it was surprising that it took the lithe Englishman four squads to make his name and fortune.

Dominic Barrett

This he did in the 13:00 squad on Saturday afternoon, roundng out his six-game series with 1448, aptly helped out with a sixth game 279, a feat which pleased a huge crowd that had gathered around lanes 21-22 here at the Red & Black bowling center. That score puts him in fourth place in the overall standings and he now has the benefit of a bye in tomorrow’s stage one of the finals.
There were at least four players in contention for squad honors with Nina Flack of Sweden heading the quartet over the first three games. Then young Daniel Vezis from Latvia, bowling with England’s Paul Moor, took up the baton. An exponent of the unique two-handed delivery but bowling from the left side of the lane, Vezis faded in the home straight, as did Flack.

So the door was open for Barrett to attain supremacy and he did just that.

“I was pleased with that 279,” commented Barrett. “I did have a ‘brooklyn’ strike and a couple of bad racks, but it worked out well. There are skylights above the approaches and the heat coming through must affect the oil on the lanes as the carry-down was heavy. That made things really tight, so when Nina Flack was bowling the last couple of games it was tough for her without having the high revs of the men.

“There have been a lot of games five and six where the bowlers haven’t achieved the scores they had before. It was amazing that Stuart Williams ended with a 190 when he almost had 1500.

“I am surprised that I had to have a couple more entries than I am used to, but it all worked out well. I went through about four different bowling balls in the six games, trying to keep up with the transition.”

So, as previously stated, Barrett has made it through to the top eight and there he is joined by Vezis.

The current cut to the top 40 to march onward stands at 1315 and in 38th place is last year’s semi-finalist Chris Loschetter of the United States.

Just two squads now remain and places in those are at a premium.

Current top 10 standings:

1 Williams, Stuart ENG M 1492 198 19 2 R
2 Ciminelli, Ryan USA M 1483 276 13 2 L
3 Andersson, Kim SWE M 1453 226 13 1 R
4 Barrett, Dominic ENG M 1448 279 23 4 R
5 Rash, Sean USA M 1442 206 11 2 R
6 Larsen, Martin SWE M 1427 233 19 2 R
7 Valenta, Brian USA M 1423 258 19 3 R
8 Vezis, Daniel ENG M 1390 211 23 4 L
9 Pirozzi, Massimo ITA M 1388 268 08 2 R
10 D’Achille, Nico ITA M 1375 228 19 4 R


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