Moor Does It Again

June 29th, 2012  |  Published in Breaking News

There were four players in the hunt for squad leader honors come the final frames of game six in the 16:00 squad Friday afternoon – Paul Moor looking the most likely to be number one, but heavily chased by veteran ex-Finnish national player Teemu

Paul Moor

Raatikainen from Helsinki, a past double winner of the prestigious British Open.

Moor won the final squad Thurday night, despite the huge interruptions from the 500-strong crowd watching the semi-final soccer match of Italy versus Germany. His 1366 six-game total then placed him in sixth postion, a slot he wanted to better by playing this second squad of Friday.

Alas, despite starting with a couple of good games he dropped back to finish with 1325, not good enough to better his top ten position but sufficient to win the squad.

There ought to be a 500 euro prize for each squad winner, we suggested. “Yes,” replied Mr Moor, “that would be very nice, especially as I won last night’s squad.

“I am quite pleased with the way I bowled but I should have changed balls quicker today. Last night I used the same ball through all six games but today the lanes were different and I had to make changes. I still want to stay in the top ten and get that bye on Sunday morning, so I will play the 13:00 squad tomorrow. I know that I have the feel of the lanes and can do a lot better.”

The line is long for a place in tonight’s final squad, the 20:00 edition, and there are wuite a few names on the waiting list.

Among the newcomers for tonight’s squad is international David Canady from Germany, sporting quite an unusual beard. “We made a promise not to shave whilst Germany were still in Euro 2012, so I am relieved I can shave it off now,” he told us.

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