Denmark Brings Home the Bacon

June 28th, 2012  |  Published in Breaking News

There are Danish bowlers – yes, and there are Danish bowlers. Jesper Agerbo and Mik Stampe come to mind but the frontrunner

Thomas Larsen

this year is young Thomas Larsen (22) from the island of Fyn in central Denmark and his home bowling center is in Odense, not far from his residence.

He started off the 16:00 squad this afternoon with a 250 game, his first squad and the first time he has rolled the Brunswick Italia Challenge. “I really like this center, it is very nice,” commented Larsen. “I shot a 250 on the high end of the house and struggled a little when I bowled the low end, so I hope I get the high end again when I bowl the next time. I was 200, 200 down there and came back with 250, 250 at the top. I will bowl at least one more squad, maybe two.”

Russia’s Medveditskov set the pace over the first couple of games and was then joined by Finland’s Petteri Salonen, a past member of the famous Finnish national team, but both faded over the final hurdles. Great expectations were held for another Finn, Osku Palermaa from Espoo, who recently won his first PBA title in the World Series of Bowling, but he failed to impress and joins the line to bowl again.

Because of the Italy versus Germany semi-final of Euro 2012 soccer this evening, a low entry was forecast for tonight’s final squad but a total of over thirty have registered at the time of writing.

Tomorrow (Friday) will see some full squads and probably a waiting list. Tournament organizer Riccardo Piunti is highly pleased with the way the tournament is panning out and already excited abouth the 2013 edition.


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