900 Global The Nuts Pearl

December 6th, 2011  |  Published in Ball Reviews

51 Hook 16 Length 16.5 Breakpoint Shape

Manufacturer’s Intent: “The Nuts Pearl equates to a cleaner motion and added length when compared directly to The Nuts solid,” said Eric Thomas of 900 Global. “With the violent nature of the core, the Nuts Pearl will continue to provide bowlers with a very angular flip downlane on medium to medium heavy oil volumes.”

Core Design: The new Nuts Pearl is powered by the same asymmetric core found in the original solid Nuts (August 2011). The medium RG value of 2.55 still revs ups rather quickly. The Diff of .055 and the mass bias of .020 contribute to the overall aggressive late-hook motion. You can expect nearly 6 inches of track flare with stronger weight-holed layouts.

Coverstock: The Nuts Pearl has a pearlized version of the S70 reactive cover family. This cover is finished with the “neat” process, sanded at 4500 grit, yet looks highly polished. Response time off friction areas is quick and strong, while oil traction is moderate at best. Coloring is Raideresque with its black and silver look.

Test Results: We really liked the motion shape and pin carry when we tested the original Nuts solid back in August. The Nuts Pearl was longer but not necessarily stronger in the back-end portion of the lane. When the backends were fresh, the new Nuts Pearl was stronger by a board or two. When the backends were dirty (carrydown), the original Nuts was stronger. Both balls revved rather nicely in the late midlane and carried above average, especially for our lower rev rate testers. Our power group saw too many solid-7s and 8s as neither ball saw much deflection.

When to Use: Use either Nuts ball when looking for a ball to open up the lane. The core/cover design screams long and strong motion as the cover formula responds very quickly off friction areas. Higher rev bowlers will likely want to use smoother layouts with equal or lower drill-to-VAL ratios. Those of us with more human rev rates can choose more assertive layouts to encourage an angular motion shape downlane. Light surface scuffings will improve mid-lane traction as well as traction through oil carrydown, but also will subdue the inherent hockey stick breakpoint shape.

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