Lane Masters Black Diamond Particle Pearl

December 6th, 2011  |  Published in Ball Reviews

52 Hook 14.5 Length 14.5 Breakpoint Shape

Manufacturer’s Intent: “The Black Diamond Particle Pearl is the third installment of the very successful Diamond series,” said Galen Gentry of Lane Masters. “This ball is designed with the high Diff core of the Black Pearl, tied in with a pearl traction cover to achieve an increase in length and back-end motion over the original Black Diamond. This core/cover combination enhances the ball’s predictability through the lane’s transitional phases, and was manufactured with all styles in mind.”

Core Design: The Dynasty symmetrical core shape also was used in the popular Black Pearl (October 2006). The medium RG of 2.56 and the .055 Diff work together to produce easy length with a strong arc in the last 20 feet of the lane. You can expect 6-plus inches of track flare with 3- to 4-inch pin distance layouts, providing your rev rate helps the cause.

Coverstock: The black sapphire-colored particle pearl Black Diamond cover formula offers above-average oil traction with a moderately quick read off drier boards. The factory surface is sanded to 1000. Particle pearl formulas can be some of the most versatile covers available for all release styles. The particle element increases friction in oil while also tempering the reaction off drier boards.

Test Results: We had great ball reactions with above-average carry on all house shots, even through the oil transitions and breakdowns. On wet/dry patterns, we always had a friendly look side to side with very good carry. The only patterns not in the ball’s wheelhouse were light volume or distances less than 37 feet, when it rolled too early with insufficient back-end continuation.

When to Use: Since this ball hooked three to four boards more than The Buzz Premium Edition, we had our best looks on medium to medium-heavy patterns with the out-of-box finish. On heavier stuff, we simply scuffed the shell with either an Abralon or Scotch Brite pad. Speed-dominant players will enjoy the earlier mid-lane read as well as the controlled move off friction areas. Slower speeds may need finer grit polishings to lessen the read in oil and quicken the response downlane.

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