Lane #1 Maxxx Curve

December 6th, 2011  |  Published in Ball Reviews

58 Hook 11.5 Length 15 Breakpoint Shape

Manufacturer’s Intent: “The Maxxx Curve is designed to combat heavy oil, while still retaining a strong back-end motion,” said Richie Sposato of Lane #1. “First, we updated the cover, putting particles in a pearl coverstock to keep our 20-micron grit (500 Abralon) coverstock from shining up after use. Keeping the cover dull is important when bowling on heavier oil patterns. We then added a flip block on the bottom of our side-cut diamond to create more motion on the backend. What we have is a ball that grabs the lane hard in the midlane, while still making a strong move on the backend.”

Core Design: The powerful side-cut Diamond asymmetric shape with an added flip block provides the necessary internal dynamics for the Maxxx Curve. The RG is low at 2.49 while the Diff is hefty at .055. We saw 6 inches of track flare with strong layouts due to the .014 mass bias. This core shape can cause some track flares to invert the initial flare ring.

Coverstock: Supplying the traction for the Maxxx Curve is a new pearl particle cover called Pure Explosion. Colors are a fusion of reds and black. The surface is sanded aggressively with 500 grit. Oil traction is well above average and response time off dry boards was moderate but continuous.

Test Results: The Maxxx Curve performed very nicely on all of our heavier volume patterns and even on some medium volumes. We were somewhat surprised by this due to the rough 500-grit factory sanding. The Maxxx Curve showed above-average down-lane continuation and devoured any semblance of oil carrydown. The particle cover also helped blend out the wet/dry house patterns, making the Maxxx Curve one of the best balls tested on this condition. The only weakness we saw was on lower volume patterns or patterns less than 37 feet in length, due to the aggressive nature of the core and cover.

When to Use: Use confidently with box finish on most house shots with wet/dry, side-to-side tendencies. Sport patterns of medium and heavier volumes also should not pose much of a challenge for the Maxxx Curve’s mega traction characteristics. Since the ball is all about early mid-lane traction with a strong arcing hook motion, most speed-dominant types should thoroughly enjoy this super-hooker.

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