Storm Frantic

December 6th, 2011  |  Published in Ball Reviews

52 Hook 15.5 Length 16.5 Breakpoint Shape

Manufacturer’s Intent: The wild color scheme is sure to draw attention to this latest Hot line ball. The Frantic features Storm’s performance-proven R2S hybrid coverstock. This, with the N.O.S. core, gives just the right amount of mid-lane and back-end reaction. Many Storm staffers feel it is a slightly cleaner (easier to get through the heads and midlane) version of the Hy-Road.

Core Design: The new Frantic shares the N.O.S. symmetric core shape used in the 2Furious and 2Fast models. This top-heavy shaped design encourages a later, more angular move due to its shape and RG of 2.53. The .045 Diff will produce nearly 5 inches of track flare with stronger 3- or 4-inch pin distance layouts.

Coverstock: The orange solid and lime green pearl mix is sure to be a hit with the younger crowd, yet the performance will entice all of us. The hybrid reactive surface is factory finished with Storm’s medium 1500-grit polish. Response time off drier boards is quick and oil traction is moderate with box surface.

Test Results: The Frantic is a long and strong ball designed for most medium volumes of oil. It can be described as having a skid/flip motion, but we’d prefer to call it a skid/hard arc shape. When pitted against the VG Nano Pearl, the Frantic generated four to five boards less overall hook on heavier patterns for our average rev rate testers. On medium volumes, the difference was less noticeable as the VG Nano Pearl showed more mid-lane motion and the Frantic showed more break-point motion. Bowlers with slower ball speeds may actually prefer the usability and energy retention of the Frantic over the stronger VG Nano Pearl as the lane oil dissipates.

When to Use: Use on most medium volumes regardless of pattern shape as the Frantic will respond easily to various hand position changes. When we stay behind the ball with a lower axis rotation release, the Frantic rolls more evenly at the breakpoint. When we come around it more and turn it up (higher axis rotation), the Frantic will bust-a-move at the breakpoint. Hybrid coverstocks have long been some of our favorites and offer a multitude of uses on a wide spectrum of oil patterns. Simply apply your favorite layout choice and let the Frantic do its thing.

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