Brunswick Massive Damage

December 6th, 2011  |  Published in Ball Reviews

50 Hook 15 Length 14.5 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The new symmetric core housed inside the Massive Damage has a medium RG level of 2.49. Its Diff is strong at .050, as witness the more than 5” of track flare with the 3 and 4” drillings. The conservative shape promotes steady, smooth revs throughout the lane.

Coverstock: The navy and silver pearl Activator Plus coverstock is factory sanded with 500 grit and rough-buff polished. This satin sheen supplies average oil traction with a moderate to slow response off drier areas. The Anaconda (Aug., 2010) also uses this cover,l but with a lower RG core inside.

Manufacturer’s Intent: According to Brunswick, the Massive Damage will replace the motion shape and performance of last year’s Anaconda (Aug., 2010). Same cover formula, same surface prep but with a slightly stronger-flaring core design in the advanced performance line.

Test Results: Knowing the Massive Damage used the same cover formula as the Anaconda, we knew the motion would be steady and true. Brunswick has long been regarded as a ball manufacturer that produces balls which handle oil transition predictably with nary a trace of snappiness off dry boards. Some may call this motion characteristic boring, whereas quality players call this their benchmark roll. The new MD is just what the doctor ordered for medium oil volumes with reasonably clean backends. Its smooth, controlled hook also makes it easy to stay with for three or more games as well. The caveat for success, though, is having enough ball speed and rev rate to produce a pleasing carry percentage.

When to Use: Use confidently when the lane is asking for a controlled move off the friction, and the oil volume is in the middle range. Higher speed-to-rev ratios will likely only find uses on lighter oil volumes. Our best looks came from third arrow and out towards the gutter. In fact, the further out we played, the better our carry percentage generally became. All three pin distances rolled great with the 3” rolling the soonest and the 4” and 5” having added length and a modicum more backend pop.

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