Storm Marvel Pearl

December 6th, 2011  |  Published in Ball Reviews

54.5 Hook 15 Length 16 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The Marvel Pearl’s centripetal symmetric core shape revs easily and creates a smooth to hard arc breakpoint shape, almost regardless of the layout choice. Storm firmly believes the core shape — not necessarily the core numbers — greatly affects a ball’s migration path. The RG is moderately low at 2.48 and the Diff is medium at .050. Testing showed nearly 5.5” of flare with strong layouts.

Coverstock: The Marvel’s R2X pearlized coverstock is colored with hints of silver and lots of deep purples and maroons. The factory finish is shined with1500-grit polish. Response time off drier areas is quick and oil traction is moderate, even polished.

Manufacturer’s Intent: “Looking to expand our Master Line with additional performance options, our product development team determined that the Marvel series needed to expand with a new coverstock option,” said Storm’s design team. “A highly-polished pearl blend made the most sense, being that we were looking to create a stronger move to the pocket.”

Test Results: The third edition in the Marvel series shares the same core as the Marvel Solid (March 2010) and particle Prodigy (Aug. ‘10). The pearl is decidedly cleaner through the fronts and rewards bowlers with a more angular finish. Total hook in oil will be a few boards less than the previous two Marvels, yet the Pearl can appear to hook more on some patterns with its quicker response off drier boards. I wouldn’t classify the motion shape as skid/flip, but more as a hard arc. The Marvel Pearl should offer extended usability on many medium to medium-heavy volumes for players with matched speed-to-rev ratios, this due to the easy length from the pearl additive coupled with its strong arcing finish.

When to Use: We had great looks on most test patterns, except the extremes. On bout 80% of the patterns typically encountered, this ball will match up well. This pearl supplies easy length and a strong back-end motion, with control. The 1500-grit polish and friendly core shape combine to make the ball both user friendly and easy to stay with as the lane condition transitions.

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