900 Global Wisdom

December 6th, 2011  |  Published in Ball Reviews

48.5 Hook 15.5 Length 15.5 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The symmetric Wisdom core produces a higher RG of 2.54. The Diff is moderate at .043, which gave us nearly 4” of track flare with stronger drillings.
Coverstock: The S-65 pearl reactive formula is colored with black and gold pearls. The surface has a high factory polish. Response time off drier boards is quick, while oil traction is limited.

Manufacturer’s Intent: “The Wisdom was designed specifically with senior bowlers in mind,” says 900 Global’s Eric Thomas. “A slower ball speed paired with a strong core/cover combo often equals trouble, so we wanted to make a ball that could neutralize that. The Wisdom core utilizes a higher than average RG at 2.54 to add length, and a milder .043 differential to help power it down lane. We paired this core with a pearl S65 cover to provide a ball that is controllable with slower ball speeds, while providing exceptional carrying power.”

Test Results: Being a senior bowler, I was especially intrigued by the Wisdom. While it offered easy length and strength but a controllable arcing finish, I preferred it with a touch less shine. So I teased the shell with a scuff pad, and the Wisdom was more controlled off the spot and still provided above-average length through the fronts and midlane. It also complemented the Bank Roll very nicely once we burned a hole in the oil pattern. On heavier oil, we felt the factory polish went a little long with box polish. But on light to medium volumes, or when a friction area was present, the Wisdom matched up very nicely for all three testers.

When to Use: On the appropriate oil volume, the Wisdom allows easy length and a crisp, hard arc downlane. Scuffing will smooth out the flip, as previously stated. Our favorite layouts were 3.5 and 4.5” pin distances to help open up some of the track flare from the .043 Diff. The Wisdom falls into the benchmark category, but with a little extra back-end motion and angularity. Modifying the surface with a smoother, duller finish makes it more of a benchmark ball; i.e., predictability with extended uses on most medium volume oil patterns.

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