900 Global Bank Roll

December 6th, 2011  |  Published in Ball Reviews

56 Hook 13.5 Length 15.5 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The asymmetric SRC (self-righting core) boasts a low RG of 2.48, a .054 Diff and a .020 mass bias. This design revs quickly and displays above-average downlane continuation. We saw up to 6” of track flare with our 3 and 4” pin distance drilling layouts.

Coverstock: The S-76 rated hybrid coverstock is the strongest to date with this core. The ball’s black and blue color scheme is finished at 1500 NEAT. More to come on this new sanding technique after extensive testing in the months ahead. Response time off drier boards was quick and strong, while oil traction was above average.

Manufacturer’s Intent: “This third installment in the Bank line features the same SRC core dynamics from the previous releases,” said a company spokesman, “but we have wrapped a completely new cover and finished it with the NEAT process and a final surface prep with our E pad. The NEAT process (Natural Engineered Abrasive Technology) offers enhanced aesthetics and surface topography. The E finish on the Bank Roll is equivalent to 1500 grit, but has the appearance of a finer 2000-grit finish.”

Test Results: I’ve always felt the core is the heart and soul of any high-performance ball. 900 Global has a lot riding on this design, too. I feel this edition in the Bank series is its best cover-core match yet. The previous two versions had a weaker cover formula with this 500 HP core. That said, the Bank Roll handles medium to heavier patterns and displays a strong midlane read with a continuous arcing finish. The ball carried very well throughout our testing parameters and gave us great looks from all angles. It will be in the running for Ball of the Year.

When to Use: The Bank Roll will match up well for speed-dominant players on medium oil with its box finish. Higher rev rate players or slower speed types should opt to use it on the heavier volumes only. With strong midlane roll inherent in its design, we found tamer drilling worked just fine. Our favorite drillings were the 4.5 and 5.5” pin distance layouts with no weight holes. We found we could stay with these layouts longer as the lane condition broke down.

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