Motiv Primal TV4

March 11th, 2011  |  Published in Ball Reviews

54 Hook 14 Length 16 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The Thrust symmetric core provides the necessary internal dynamics for this powerful pearl. The RG is 2.54 and the Diff .052. We saw nearly 5.5” of track flare with the 3 and 4” pin distance layouts. This core was first used in Motiv’s TX-1 (reviewed February 2009).

Coverstock: The new Vicious Pearl Reactive base formula has reduced oil absorption, but with its increased chemical landscape, more surface friction. Colors are charcoal grey with neon yellow graphics. The factory finish is sanded at 2000 and polished with factory gel. Oil traction was above-average and response off friction was quick.

Manufacturer’s Intent: Says Motiv’s Scott Hewitt, “Our intention with the Primal TV4 was to create a strong back-end motion that does not get lost in the oil carrydown. This was achieved by using our proven Thrust core design along with our new Vicious Pearl Reactive coverstock.”

Test Results: The Primal offers one of Motiv’s strongest ball motions ever. Its aggressiveness is both in the midlane area as well as the backend portion of the lane. The Vicious cover formula is the strongest of the six reactive covers from Motiv. It has a higher RA value (more peaks and valleys), which provides the above-average traction in the oil. The core/cover balance sheet tips slightly toward the cover strength. This strength encourages its midlane read, while the pearl additive creates some angularity. The Primal will help speed-dominant styles see traction in the midlane, where it’s most needed. This player type should utilize a 3 or 4” pin distance for maximum affect.

When to Use: With the strong traction created by the Vicious cover blend, best looks will be on medium and heavier oil volumes. The arcing motion should be dependable and consistent for all rev rates. Scuffing the surface with lower grits can turn the Primal into a strong oil ball. Our lower pin layouts were noticeably smoother through the breakpoint, while the higher pins will offer increased angularity. We felt the Primal can open up the lane more than many stronger cover/core combinations.

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