Linds Easy Flip Pearl

March 11th, 2011  |  Published in Ball Reviews

46 Hook 16 Length 16 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The Easy Flip Pearl houses the same cylindrical core shape of the Easy Flip Solid. The RG is 2.57 and the Diff .047. We saw nearly 5” of track flare with our 4” layouts and lower quadrant weight holes.

Coverstock: The Easy Flip Pearl’s coverstock is smoothed with 2000 grit, then highly polished for more skid in oil. Colors are a medium red swirl blend. Response time off drier boards is quick and strong, while oil traction is limited with the box polish.

Manufacturer’s Intent: ”The Easy Flip Red Pearl has been designed with a more aggressive coverstock and stronger weight block than our Easy Pearl,” says Linds’ Gary Amtzen. “It will open up the lane more and give a stronger and more continuous back end reaction.”

Test Results: As expected, the Pearl was noticeably longer in oil and quicker off drier boards. The easy length is best suited for light to medium volumes when an angular downlane finish is desired. Do remember that for a ball to be classified as a skid/flip version, it must have limited traction in oil and be responsive off friction. This ball reminded us of the Banger Hole Pounder Pearl from January of 2007. It offers easy push through the fronts and mids, followed by a strong arc/flip toward the pocket. Pin carry was excellent when used on the appropriate lane condition; i.e., light to medium oil with clean backends.
When to Use: Use when trying to open up the lane and increase your launch angle through the fronts. The strong pearl cover responds quickly and strongly off friction areas while showing very good downlane continuation. Heavier and longer patterns will cause some downlane wiggle or inconsistency off the spot. Clean backends will provide the best environment for this highly polished pearl. Our favorite layouts were the 4 and 5” pins from the PAP located above the fingers. Lower pin positions did help temper the reaction a tad, which can help those with higher rev rates and faster ball speed. Think of the EFP as a double dose of length and flip at a bargain price. With each Linds ball, the performance characteristics are improving.

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