Storm Marvel

March 11th, 2011  |  Published in Ball Reviews

58 Hook 11.5 Length 15 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The Marvel houses the same symmetric shape found in the Prodigy (August 2010). This even-arcing core strongly promotes a smooth motion throughout the entire 60’ of the lane. The RG is low at 2.48 and the 5” flaring Diff is leveled at .050.

Coverstock: The aromatherapy performance scented R2X solid reactive cover formula is sanded with a 2000 pad, insuring an earlier midlane motion. Coloring is attractive with a youthful teal, sky blue and black medley of colors. Response time off drier boards is moderate, while oil traction is above average.

Manufacturer’s Intent: The intent of the Marvel, says Steve Kloempken, was to complement the Prodigy, but with a stronger midlane presence. The combination of the 2000-grit surface and oil-loving R2X cover provides more midlane traction with the same arcing finish provided by the Prodigy.

Test Results: We compared the Marvel directly with a like-drilled Prodigy. On the majority of the test patterns, the Marvel had 2-3 boards more total hook with an average earlier breakpoint of 1.5’. The balls had a similar hook shape with excellent pin carry, providing the midlane oil held up. On broken-down medium volume conditions, only our higher rev guys had good looks when venturing left of the 3rd arrow, due primarily to a higher angle of entry. In short, the Marvel displayed unusually strong midlane motion which tempered the breakpoint angularity. So it will match up well when a bowler needs traction up front with a controlled smooth move off the friction. When playing outside angles on our Sport patterns, all release styles experienced great looks with control and excellent pin carry.

When to Use: The Marvel likely will see many uses at this year’s USBC Open Championships, especially on the fresh team event pattern, where we expect to see the box 2000-grit finish for our stroker, tweener and high-rev testers. On light to medium volumes, players should smooth and/or polish the ball to create easier length through the midlane. Slower speed players can use the Marvel on heavier and longer oil patterns only.

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