Track 300T

July 8th, 2011  |  Published in Ball Reviews

46 Hook 15 Length 14.5 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The 300T houses the Track symmetric core. The RG is medium-high at 2.55, while the Diff is conservative at .025. We saw only 3” of track flare with strong 3 and 4” pin drill patterns. Our 5” drilling produced a super-low flare reading of 2”.

Coverstock: The 300T’s coverstock formula is the LMP (lower mid-priced) GT-1 solid reactive blend. Colors are an eye-catching fusion of violet, blue and gold hues. The factory finish is at a user-friendly 4000 sanded grit. Response time off drier boards was moderate, and traction in oil was very limited. Lower grit sandings did little to improve traction.

Manufacturer’s Intent: Said Brand Manager Paul Figliomeni, “The 300T is wrapped with a new coverstock blend, the LMP GEN1T solid. It is designed to be very aggressive through the front part of the lane, and have a true ‘T’ traction mid-lane shape.”

Test Results: Track utilizes a release-friendly core shape which can help hide certain release inconsistencies most of us have from time to time. This design does not tend to over- or under-respond to changes in hand positioning at the release point. That said, the coverstock formula also helps us play near or in the friction areas of the track due to its conservative nature. The 300T will afford some traction in medium volumes of oil due to its 4k cover texture, which makes it slightly more versatile than the polished 300C (August 2010). Players will see moderate length with a smooth, controlled hook motion downlane regardless of drilling layout. Even 3-to-1 drill-to-VAL angles possessed an arcing breakpoint.

When to Use: Players should choose the 300T when encountering light to medium volumes of lane oil. Angles of attack can vary contingent on the release strength of the thrower. Higher rev bowlers can find some uses deeper inside the oil line, whereas lower rev rates will be relegated to track area play. High polishing will basically change the 300T into the earlier released 300C for extremely dry lane conditions. We felt the pin carry was above average for both balls in Track’s low-priced 300 series.

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