Motiv Cruel LE

July 8th, 2011  |  Published in Ball Reviews

56 Hook 14.5 Length 16 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: Cruel’s core supplies the necessary asymmetric dynamics. Its 2.48 RG, .060 Diff and .030 mass bias makes it Motiv’s strongest core. We saw nearly 7” of track flare with our double-thumb Dual Angle layout.

Coverstock: The red and black Formula 5 pearl reactive formula has a friction additive to increase lane traction. It has the highest oil absorption rate of any Motiv cover, and the second highest chemical landscape rating (RA value) or groove depth. The surface is sanded with 2000 grit and Gel polished. Response time is strong off drier boards and moderately strong in oil.

Manufacturer’s Intent: “The Limited Edition Cruel C51 contains the crazy-strong Cruel asymmetric core and a new additive to increase the surface texture of the Formula 5 Pearl Reactive coverstock. This feature helps low- to moderate-rev bowlers cross more boards down the lane in medium to heavy oil. High rev bowlers will find a very strong back-end motion.” Thanks to Scott Hewitt of Motiv for this information.

Test Results: When you marry an aggressive oil-munching pearl cover with a 500-h.p. asymmetric core, big (hook) things happen. We found the Cruel LE to match up only on heavier and/or longer patterns with strong drilling layouts. Motiv suggests medium and lower rev rate players use pin distances of 4” or longer. They also suggest power players use 3” pin distances or shorter to reduce flare and help retain axis rotation. So, the Cruel will supply lots of midlane and back-end reaction and help those needing/desiring more total hook. When compared to the original Cruel, we saw a touch more length in the midlane and a few notches more back-end hook.

When to Use: Use when encountering longer and heavier oil volumes. Speed-dominant types will love the strong presence in oil and downlane. The core adds to this mix of power, so use sound judgment when choosing a layout. We also felt the Cruel LE could pose problems on softer lane surface types. My best looks were with a polished surface and a 4” pin distance with a 60° drill and VAL angle.

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