Jet Bowling Jet

July 8th, 2011  |  Published in Ball Reviews

45 Hook 15.5 Length 14.5 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The symmetric core shape is both conservative and effective. The dual flip blocks enhance flare and flip while the body provides roll consistency. The 2.52 RG is medium and the Diff strong at .052. We saw nearly 6” of track flare with 3 and 4” pin distance layouts and lower quadrant weight holes.

Coverstock: The Jet’s Durastock NF-1 Nano-particle solid reactive cover is formulated for increased durability. Colors fuse purple, blue and black. The surface is 2000 sanded and polished. Response time off drier boards is moderate and oil traction is slightly limited.

Manufacturer’s Intent: “The Jet is a durable ball, and the Nano technology (Durastock/NF-1) provides strength in this mid-performance ball,” says company President Chris Crossett. “This ball packs a punch, and is suited for a high-friction environment.”

Test Results: The Jet was a pleasant surprise as the initial offering from a new player in the highly competitive ball market. I enlisted help from all eight of my amateur tersters for their opinions regarding the ball. The general consensus was: control, excellent hitting and carry power, best suited for light to medium oil. My test staff never experienced any skid/flip tendencies or downlane wiggle through carry-down. The moderately slow response off friction added to the controlled nature in the back-end, yet pin carry was above average, from third arrow to the gutter. Light scuffing created a slightly earlier read, but the breakpoint motion remained smooth and continuous.

When to Use: The Jet will match up well for down-and-in players with either pin-up or pin-down layouts. The overall hook warrants play near the friction areas of the lane for most rev rate styles. Only our higher rev rate testers were successful when moving well inside the oil line and sending the ball toward friction. With sanding of 500 or 1000k, the Jet matched up fine on some heavier volumes, but we needed to keep our launch angles a tad closed due to the conservative nature of the particle coverstock formula.

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