900 Global: Bank Pearl

March 9th, 2011  |  Published in Ball Reviews

49.5 Hook 16 Length 16.5 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The Self-Righting-Core has an RG level of 2.48, which promotes a fast-revving action off the hand. The 5” flaring Diff comes from the .050 Diff and .020 intermediate Diff. The asymmetric core shape is designed to promote strong downlane continuation for varied release styles.

Coverstock: The S-74 cover formula is quite strong off friction, while the traction in oil is limited due to the smooth-polished surface. Colors are a blending of purple and gold pearls. This Bank edition offers a true skid/flip reaction as it dislikes oil yet loves drier portions on the lane.

Manufacturer’s Intent: “The Bank Pearl will add a strong skid/flip motion to our 900 Global performance line for medium and heavier oil,” said Eric Thomas, 900 Global Brand Manager.

Test Results: The first test was to compare the Bank Pearl against the original solid Bank (September, 2010). On average, the Bank Pearl had 3 to 4 boards less overall hook and reacted 2 to 2.5 feet later. The breakpoint shape off friction also was quicker and more angular on oil patterns with clean backends. Through carrydown-laden patterns, the nod goes to the original with its lower grit surface. The Bank Pearl’s strong asymmetric core will allow for various motion shapes in the mid- and back-end portions of the lane. Higher speed-to-rev rate players may find it best to tease the surface with a Scotch or Abralon pad.

When to Use: Contingent on oil pattern and drilling layout, players can use the Bank Pearl from a multitude of angles of attack. Our most favorable match-ups were on medium volumes and medium oil pattern lengths for our high speed-to-rev rate testers. Slower speeds will find pin distances of 3 to 4” can help retain axis rotation, preserving pin carry energy. Players with higher tilt and rotation numbers should find excellent results with 4 to 5” pin distance layouts as these encourage a more end-over-end roll in the midlane and beyond. The Bank Pearl also matched up great on most Sport patterns with 42’ or less oil length, with appropriate surface modifications.

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