Amf: Shred-it

March 9th, 2011  |  Published in Ball Reviews

55 Hook 14.5 Length 16 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The horizontal disc which is centered within the symmetric core helps stabilize Shred-It’s roll. The RG of 2.48 and Diff of .054 create the midlane and back-end power. Testing showed 6” of flare with 3.5 and 4.5” drill patterns. This core also is used in the Shredder (August 2010).

Coverstock: The F-74 Hybrid coverstock is a beast in oil, while it responds quickly and strongly off friction. Colors are a fusion of black solid and silver pearls, creating the hybrid mix. The ball is finished at 4000 grit.

Manufacturer’s Intent: “Shred-It is the new Hybrid addition to AMF’s high-performance line,” says spokesman Eric Thomas. “The Shred-It will create more traction on medium to heavy oil, while maintaining aggressive downlane movement.”

Test Results: The Shred-It has a strong back-end reaction for medium to medium-heavy oil patterns. The core shape revved easily yet was very continuous throughout the hook-and-roll phase downlane. We rarely saw any hook-out or deflection, even with less than perfect releases. Compared to a new Bank, the Shred-It was a few feet longer and more angular off dry boards. Both balls were continuous and displayed above-average pin carry. The aggressive cover responded well to scuffing and/or polish for those looking for earlier or later breakpoints. Overall, this ball was our favorite AMF release of the last 12 months.

When to Use: As with most aggressive cover/core combinations, bowlers will find a multitude of uses by simply moving inside the oil line. The Shred-It plays well on wet/dry conditions, too, as the aggressive nature will supply ample traction when tugged into the pattern. The caveat: Don’t miss too early into the friction area as this ball will respond and respond with power. On Sport patterns, anything with at least 23-ml. of oil or distances of 42’ or so will walk right into this ball’s sweet spot. Down-and-in players will possibly need to reassess their launch angles, as this ball begs to be thrown away from the pocket on most oil patterns. Our favorite layouts were pin distances between 4 and 5.5”, either above or below the fingers.

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