MoRich: Perpetual Motion

March 9th, 2011  |  Published in Ball Reviews

50 Hook 14.5 Length 15 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The mushroom shape of Mo Pinel’s first symmetric core is unique in its low RG (2.47) and high Diff (.054) structure. This shape revs easily and is matched with the new cover formula. We saw as much as 5” of flare with our 60x3x30 dual angle layout with a P-3 weight hole.

Coverstock: The Perpetual Motion reflects the red and pink tones of recent MoRich releases,with blends of garnet red and gold pearls. The surface is factory finished with 500 and 1000 siaair pads, then Ruff Buff to be bowler and oil pattern friendly. Oil traction was average; response time off dry came in as moderate.

Manufacturer’s Intent: With this release, Pinel said he wanted “to create a ball that works great on most house patterns at a more affordable price. We used a level 2 ‘super’ cover and a very large-volume core to add to the versatility and usability.”

Test Results: Every now and then, a ball comes out which wows my test staff and me. The new Perpetual Motion did just that on every THS (typical house shot) we threw at it, as well as all of the light- to medium-volume Sport shots. The PM offers lots of usability with a readable, strong arcing breakpoint motion. Pin carry was good as the lanes transitioned, and less-than-perfect releases often rewarded us with ten in the pit. Overall total hook was slightly less than a MoRich Response, but the PM had a heavier roll in the late midlane area, something most top players love to see.

When to Use: The PM will shine on light to medium volumes and on pattern lengths where control and smoothness is desired. None of our test layouts created a skid/flip motion, nor did extra polish. The roll and responsiveness off drier boards was a positive. Players looking for more closed angles or direct lines to the pocket should consider 4 to 5” pins with slightly higher VAL angles. A layout such as 50×4.5×50 could provide this for many release styles. Players wishing to get as much out of this product as possible can drill either a double thumb or an aggressive 2-to-1 ratio layout with a P-3 weight hole.

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