900 Global: Raw Profit

January 12th, 2011  |  Published in Ball Reviews

52 Hook 14.5 Length 15 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: This asymmetric core also is used in the original Profit. Its RG is low at 2.47, the Diff is .048 and the mass bias tallies .016. Testing showed nearly 5.5” of track flare with layouts of 3.5, 4.5 and 5.5”. Longer pin drillings encourage more mid-lane roll on most asymmetric cores.

Coverstock: The S70 cover formula will supply above-average traction in oil with a moderately quick response off drier boards. The cover is a blend of cosmic purple and atomic orange. The surface is factory sanded with 4000 Abralon, which provides a medium amount of friction with high usability range.

Manufacturer’s Intent: “The Raw Profit features the same core shape used in the original Profit, but with modified densities to create a lower RG and higher Diff and mid-differential,” says 900 Global’s Eric Thomas. “With the modified core numbers, the Raw Profit will generate more traction in oil, yet retain energy to finish strong on the backend. When the Bank hooks too much, and the Profit is just not enough, the Raw Profit fills the void.”

Test Results: On all of the medium to heavier oil test patterns, the Raw Profit hooked an average of 4-6 boards stronger than the original green pearl Profit (July 2010). The overall motion shape was similar as both respond moderately quickly when encountering friction downlane. The core’s asymmetric shape and RG levels promote fast mid-lane revs with a very continuous path through the pins. The S70 cover strength adds to the Raw’s ability to handle heavier and longer oil volumes. Total hook was within a board or so of the Bank (September 2010), while its breakpoint also was a tad smoother.

When to Use: You should like this one on medium to heavier oil concentrations. The fast-revving nature of the core and the aggressive S70 cover contribute to the ball’s secure mid-lane read and overall hook. Slower speeds should use closer pin distances between 2 to 3” for length and some sideways motion. Players looking for more forward roll will enjoy longer pin distances between 4.5 and 6”.

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