Storm: Natural Pearl

January 12th, 2011  |  Published in Ball Reviews

41 Hook 16.5 Length 13 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The Natural Pearl houses the same Turbine core used in Storm’s solid black urethane. The RG is medium at 2.55 and the Diff low at .038. We saw a maximum 4.5” of track flare from our high-rev guy with a 4” pin distance layout above the fingers..

Coverstock: The Pearl Natural’s U2S is sanded with a 4000 Abralon pad. This black pearl urethane blend appears dull, yet does not grab early. We saw similar length with 4000 applied to a black Natural with polished shell. Response time off dry is beautifully slow, while traction in oil is limited.

Manufacturer’s Intent: ”Storm’s PBA success on TV last season was primarily due to the skills of Ryan Ciminelli and the design of this dry lane behemoth,” said Storm. “Urethane formulas of 2010 are not made the same way urethane was made in the 1980s, plus they can handle today’s oil with less squirt. Friction moves off dry are very controlled and predictable, and should be a part of any “handed” player’s arsenal.”

Test Results: I mentioned that either Natural should be a part of any “handed” player’s arsenal because most lower-rev players likely will not see the move they want to see downlane due to a urethane’s slow response off friction. Higher rev rates increase the core’s dynamic, but they also enhance a ball’s move off drier boards. The Pearl Natural is designed to control a ball’s downlane traction, as well as lessen total hook. With good hand action, a two-piece urethane can strike with the best of them… on the right condition, that is. We found the best conditions were light oil patterns between 34 and 40’ with clean backends.

When to Use: Players will find the Pearl Natural will not over-read dry portions of the lane. Fact is, it needs friction to strut its stuff adequately for good pin carry. Oil carrydown or longer patterns will cause problems for most players (friction is limited and the angle of entry subdued). So bring on dry or broken-down oil patterns where even a weak reactive cover is either too much or too touchy. On this environment, the Pearl Natural will provide control and adequate power through the pins.

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