Roto Grip: Theory

December 12th, 2010  |  Published in Ball Reviews

58 Hook 14 Length 16 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The Theory has a new asymmetric core shape called Triliptic. This design houses a low 2.49 RG, a .058 Diff and a .013 mass bias strength. This low RG shape will rev faster and easier than the Mutant’s cores.

Coverstock: The Theory’s 2000-sanded Insight solid reactive cover is formulated for medium to heavier oil volumes with its box grit. Colors are a fusion of deep reds and royal blue hues. Response time off dry was moderate, while oil traction was above average.

Manufacturer’s Intent: Said Storm Vice President Hank Boomershine, “The Triliptic core helps the ball get into the roll easier. This is due to the additional contours and elongation of the ellipses within the shape of the weight block. The radius of gyration (RG) planes are elliptical in shape, going back a few generations, but we’re taking this new ellipse to another level by stretching out the mass more toward the exterior. This translates into a quicker-revving but extremely continuous asymmetrical core.”

Test Results: The new Theory appears to be Roto Grip’s version of the Invasion (January) from Storm. We had great mid-lane looks with a strong, continuous arcing motion downlane. Rarely did we see a skid-flip motion, regardless of layout. When compared to a like-drilled Mutant (December 2009), the Theory was 1-2 boards stronger with similar length. The strong arcing breakpoint shape also was similar to the Mutant’s, but it seemed to have improved pin carry due either to the newness of the ball or the Triliptic core.

When to Use: As stated, the Theory is destined for use on heavier or longer oil patterns. On heavy, fresh THS patterns, we found we could easily play five or more boards inside the oil and just feather the ball near the friction to set up a high scoring line. When pulled inside the oil line, the Theory’s 2000-grit cover supplied adequate friction for carry, while errors toward friction did not overread the dry. As the pattern deteriorated, we simply made 2-and-1 moves into the oil pattern, and pin carry remained good.

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