Brunswick: Damage

December 12th, 2010  |  Published in Ball Reviews

48 Hook 16 Length 15 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The Damage houses a new symmetric core shape. Its RG is high at 2.56 and its Diff strength medium at .045. We saw nearly 5” of track flare with the 3.5” layout and weight hole-down layout.

Coverstock: The higher pearl content infused in the red, violet and blue Powrkoil 18 coverstock creates shelf appeal. The surface is sanded at 500, then ruff-buffed and highly polished. The cover displayed limited oil traction and a moderately quick response off drier boards. Longevity is projected to be well above average.

Manufacturer’s Intent: “Our objective for the Damage was to develop an angular ball motion to create strong pin action in the mid-price category, plus shelf appeal,” said Bill Orlikowski, Brunswick Product Manager. “We accomplished this by designing a new high RG core, paired with our PowrKoil 18 coverstock. We also used a larger sized pearl additive for added back-end traction.”

Test Results: In testing, the box finish Damage was pitted against an Anaconda (ruff buff) and Evil Siege (4000 sanded). All had similar layouts, but the Damage provided us with the easiest length with a breakpoint shape similar to the Anaconda’s. The Damage never read the midlane too early, nor displayed any hook-out on our light to medium test patterns. Power players will enjoy that, while those with lower rev rates will need to hit the surface or reserve use for the shorter and lighter volumes. On clean backends, we noticed a hard charge off dry, but never an extreme flip motion.

When to Use: Keep the Damage in the bag on heavier or longer patterns, but you will find many uses on shorter and drier patterns where friction is present. We saw a controlled and stronger arc off drier boards on the majority of the dry test patterns. It also handled transitional oil changes well, and maintained above-average pin carry as we moved inside moderate oil lines. Our best match-ups were when the midlane oil volume was not too heavy. The ball also provided great looks on wood and Guardian lane surfaces — its old-school coverstock loves softer lane surfaces and friction.

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