MoRich: RipR

November 12th, 2010  |  Published in Ball Reviews

55 Hook 14.5 Length 16.5 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The asymmetric Awakening core supplies enough internal dynamics and works very well with Dual Angle technology. The RG is medium at 2.54, the Diff medium at .042 and the intermediate Diff is .013. Double-thumb drilling can create Diff readings well above the USBC limit of .060, so choose your layout wisely.

Coverstock: The RipR’s Vigor HT pearl reactive cover is factory finished with a 4000 Siaar pad. Blue and gray hues blend to create a subtle wintry sky look. Response time off drier boards was quick and strong, while oil traction was above average.

Manufacturer’s Intent: “The RipR was created by combining the unique core with the Vigor HT cover to produce a ball that has a more angular, defined breakpoint and a strong back-end move, says MoRich honcho Mo Pinel. “The other benefit is the versatility the RipR has in possible ball motions when choosing different drilling techniques.”

Test Results: The RipR is MoRich’s strongest pearl reactive with the new Awakening core. It reminded me of the Nsane LevRG (January 2008). We saw fast mid-lane revs with an angular hard arc when leaving the oil pattern. Total hook was a few boards less than a similarly-drilled Mania on the heavier and longer patterns. On medium patterns, the total hook was in the final 20 feet of the lane. Mo’s recommended Dual-Angle layouts for my test staff coordinated each bowler’s ball speed/rev rate and axis tilts and rotations. This scientific method creates a sweet spot for each bowler with the proper angle sums and ratios.

When to Use: The RipR likely will create great match-ups on most medium to heavier patterns. This holds true providing the bowler surfaces the ball properly to match the lane surface and pattern volume/length. We found the 60x4x35 Dual Angle layouts displayed usable balance of length with a hard-arcing finish. The 45x5x45 layout revved quicker, had a stronger midlane motion and worked better when we wanted a slightly less angular breakpoint shape. Discuss your desired motion shape with your favorite driller.

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