Storm: Anarchy

November 12th, 2010  |  Published in Ball Reviews

56 Hook 15 Length 17 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The Anarchy houses Storm’s strongest asymmetric core shape, the Origin, also used in the Invasion. This fast-revving core has a low RG rating of 2.48, a 6” flaring .057 Diff level, and a .017 intermediate Diff strength. Varying layouts will offer bowlers a multitude of motion shapes.

Coverstock: Storm lovers knew it was just a matter of time before a pearlized variation of the Invasion would emerge. The pearlized R3X delivered good traction in oil with a quick, strong move off friction. Coloring is a blend of golden wheat, plum and violet hues. Surface finish is 1500 polished.

Manufacturer’s Intent: Storm wants the Anarchy to complement the solid Invasion in its Premier line. Its design intent, says a Storm spokeksperson, is as “a go-to ball once the oil depletion begins and an aggressive ball (like an Invasion) begins hooking too early. The pearl R3X cover glides easier through the fronts, thereby storing more translation energy for a later and more angular breakpoint shape.”

Test Results: The Anarchy is one of the strongest pearlized balls we’ve ever tested. Its powerful core will help the rev-challenged get the motor going quickly and continuously. Its R3X cover handles oil either when factory polished or with any duller grit. When compared to a like-drilled Mutant Cell Pearl, the Anarchy started up sooner, hooked 1-3 boards stronger and gave us a similar angular move off the friction. Also, the Anarchy hooked about five boards stronger than the new Reign Supreme.

When to Use: Use it when your stronger dull reactive begins reading the lane too early and starts to bleed off some of its hitting power. Players will easily be able to use the Anarchy on medium to medium-heavy volumes with box finish as the ball’s downlane motion is so strong. A light scuffing to 1000 grit allowed the Anarchy to out-hook a similarly-sanded Invasion. Down-and-in players should choose a more conservative ball; the Anarchy caters to those looking to open up the lane. We had great results with all three layouts (3.5, 4.5 and 5.5”) as the ball hooked and carried very well regardless.

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