Women’s Open to return with Ebonite backing

July 1st, 2010  |  Published in Pro Bowling

During the 2010 U.S. Women’s Open, the United States Bowling Congress announced that due to ongoing budget issues, the tournament would not be held next year.

Mere weeks later, during International Bowl Expo in Las Vegas, it was announced that the Women’s Open is back on for 2011.

The tournament will be held in conjunction with next year’s Expo in the Dallas area, with the finals telecast taking place at the new Cowboys Stadium, not far from the International Bowling Campus in Arlington.

The return of the tournament has been made possible through the intervention of the BPAA and the sponsorship of the brands of Ebonite International, whose new President and CEO, Randy Schickert, made the announcement.

BPAA Executive Director Steve Johnson told Bowlers Journal International that the specific sponsorship package had not yet been finalized.

“We’re working on that now, and should be able to announce the prize fund and first-place prize soon,” he said.

Johnson added that the idea for resurrecting the tournament came from watching the finals of the 2010 event at the International Bowling Campus.

“From a marketing perspective, the U.S. Open is a brand that we can’t afford to let die,” he said. “It has so much potential to do great things — not just for women’s pro bowling, but for the whole bowling business.”

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