‘The Pete’ hits the road

February 6th, 2010  |  Published in History of Bowling  |  2 Comments


When the Petersen Classic moved out of Archer-35th Recreation in 1994, it was noted that the venerable house had hosted the tournament since 1921.

Well, not quite.

Some years, a second section of the event was held in places like Detroit and Cleveland.

In 1933, though the Petersen was in Chicago, the site was the Ashland Boulevard Auditorium. It was scheduled as part of a grand “bowling carnival,” which included the world championship match between Joe Miller and Stewart Watson.

Because there were so many other events on the lanes, the 1933 Petersen format was only five games long.

(Editor’s Note: J.R. Schmidt is Bowlers Journal International’s resident historian, and writes the monthly historical feature, “Time Capsule.” The 100th edition of the Petersen Classic will be held in 2010, and a full-length feature on the tournament, written by Schmidt, appears in the February issue of BJI. Can’t get enough of bowling’s colorful history? Check out Dr. Jake’s blog at http://bowlinghistory.wordpress.com.)


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