Caffeine Sports Power Addict

November 1st, 2009  |  Published in Ball Reviews

54 Hook   11.5 Length   15 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The Power Addict’s core has a familiar symmetric shape from years back. The RG is medium at 2.54 and the Diff hefty at .058. We saw up to 6” of track flare with plenty of late back-end revs.

Coverstock: The 2000 Abralon Java II super reactive base provides ample amounts of oil traction with a moderately quick response off the drier boards. Coloring is an attractive mix of purple and grayish silver.

Manufacturer’s Intent: Enhanced with the Java II Super Reactive coverstock, the Power Addict cuts through the oil with a strong, clean finish. Best suited for medium to heavy oil, the box finish of 2000 Abralon can be easily polished for more length and snap on lighter oil conditions — this information compliments of  the Caffeine Sport Web site.

Test Results: The first test patterns we threw at the Power Addict were the new PBA Shark and Kegel’s Dead Man’s Curve. The P.A. passed both with flying colors. We saw above-average traction from around the 35’ mark on the patterns all the way through the pindeck. The core was release friendly, and the coverstock was more than strong enough for our higher speed testers. Our next test patterns were Kegel’s Highway to Hell and PBA’s Viper. On these two, the P.A. provided ample midlane traction, a strong continuous arc when leaving the pattern, and great pin action with carry from deeper inside angles. When polished, the Power Addict was somewhat sensitive on these heavier patterns, but reacted well on THS’s (typical house shots) and medium volume patterns with some shine.

When to Use: Use when looking for sound midlane read with an earlier arcing breakpoint shape downlane. With box finish, the Addict did not display any skid/flip motion regardless of layout choice. There also was no trace of any late lane wiggle in oil carrydown. We found uses from all different angles on the lane, and the coverstock was very versatile as it displayed a wide hook range depending on surface prep. On lighter and shorter medium volumes, polishing will be necessary for added length and pop.

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