Ball Testing Video

January 1st, 2010  |  Published in Clinic, Multimedia  |  1 Comment

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED HOW Bowlers Journal International magazine tests monthly bowling ball releases? With a crowded marketplace and a myriad of lane conditions, it can be tough to describe ball reactions and deliver readers with the informative content they need to make solid purchasing decisions. But with a dedicated staff and a few laughs, we’re pretty sure that we provide some of the best ball reviews available today. 

Want to learn how we do it? Watch this video, then click here to peruse and compare our latest reviews:

Have you ever wondered how Bowlers Journal International magazine tests monthly ball releases? Watch this video to find out!


  1. joe cerar says:

    February 2nd, 2010at 8:58 am(#)

    Tom, you did a great job on this light-hearted video showing our human frailties. Keep up the great work as this web site looks great and is long overdue!